MISANO // 121 - 23.4.2023

Victorious first race at Misano for Martinus Richter in the Ferrari Challenge Europe

Yesssss ! P1!

The week has been long in Misano and was a full roller coaster ride. Starting with a perfect FERRARI Club Challenge event on Thursday, the team got ready to enter the #111 with Martinus Richter for the FERRARI CHALLENGE MISANO race.

Besides being perfectly prepared, our work got destroyed in RACE 1. Martinus achieved a great P2 in Qualifying 1 but got unfotunately crashed out in the race – with no fault of his own. It as extremely bitter just one minute away from the chequered flag and P2.

But as we know Martinus he stayed cold blooded and concentrated and willing to fight. Also team spirit, hard work and dedication force their way – resulting in a strong performance. And making a smart move to overtake in the right second, he finished on the top of the podium in RACE 2, gaining the well deserved P1 on the famous race track named after MOTOGP rider Marco Simoncelli.


Qualy 1  //  P2Race 1  //   P14……………………Qualy 2  //  P5Race 2  //   P1