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Your passion is motorsports. You seek competition, want to feel the adrenaline. Feel the power of the Ferrari on the track. The vibration of the engine. To have fun. And win.

Jump in and full throttle and live your passion. We'll take care of everything else.


Club Competizioni GT opens the doors to prestigious race tracks for its members with their legendary Ferrari GT racing cars and enhances the racing experience with first-class hospitality and exclusive service. As a special service, Ferrari’s official Competizioni GT drivers are on hand to offer advice and assistance to help you get the maximum performance out of your race cars. You can’t get more GT than this!

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Tough competition,strong outruns,Pure adrenaline

We are talking about the Ferrari Challenge, the most renowned single-make championship, which has been bringing dream cars and Ferrari Clienti together on the most beautiful tracks in the world since 1993. A competition for all those who are not satisfied with just driving their Ferraris on the road, but also want to compete in sprint races at the highest level. The Ferrari Challenge is divided into three continental series: Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific series, plus another national English series.

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racetrack experience for members only

Do you already belong to the Club? Because the Passione Ferrari Club Challenge is for members only. A driving event that brings you and the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo together on some of the most legendary circuits across Europe, preparing you step by step for “Racing with Ferrari”. Six races on six different circuits with professional and technical instructors who help participants study track data through telemetry analysis. With the Passione Ferrari Club Challenge you are on your way to becoming a professional racing driver.

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NON-STOP EMOTIONs and absolutely exclusive

For fifteen years, a small number of customers have been able to enjoy unforgettable experiences on and off the race track. We are talking about the XX programme, which was launched in 2005 and brings extreme and special vehicles to the race track at private events. This highly exclusive programme convinces through unique events with customers at special locations. MERTEL Motorsport has been looking after Clienti for years in this extraordinary programme as well. Feel free to ask us.

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exciting races, various classes,Fair competition - the ferrari club racingSeries

Launched in 2017 by the Ferrari Club President, the Ferrari Club RacingSeries is a constant and a welcome race series at the top racetracks in Germany and beyond. Over 30 drivers in various classes compete for the trophies. At the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring and even twice in 2022 as part of the DTM, you can measure yourself against experienced drivers – fair and yet hard-fought. From the current Challenge Ferrari, besides Ferrari GT3s to the 430 Challenge and the legendary F40, the drivers battle it out with their racing cars from many decades of Ferrari racing. In this series, we support drivers with current and historic Ferrari racing cars, such as the F40 LM.

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Trackdays mit mertel motorsport

Sie möchten Ihr Fahrkönnen verbessern? Oder einfach ein wenig Spaß auf der Rennstrecke haben? Dann sind Sie bei den Trackdays richtig aufgehoben. Unterstützt durch professionelle Coaches und mit technischer Betreuung für Ihren Ferrari können Sie spannende Tage auf den legendären Racetracks und etwas Motorsport-Feeling geniessen.

Im Bereich der TrackDays ist unser professioneller Partner „ALL4TRACK“. Dort warten jährlich über 1000 Trackday-Termine auf Sie.

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Unser Service umfasst alles Notwendige für Auto und Fahrer. Zum Beispiel Nennung und Zertifizierung oder Transport, technische Rennbetreuung und Einstellungen für Ihr Rennfahrzeug – oder Coaching und Beratung für Sie.

Wir empfehlen Hotels oder nehmen Ihre Hotel- und Flugbuchungen vor, sorgen auch fürs Catering, damit Sie und Ihre Begleitung sich einfach auf den Rennsport konzen­trieren können.

/// Komplettbetreuung über die gesamte Rennsaison

/// Coaching und Zieldefinition

/// Physio- und Mentalcoaching

/// Rennbetreuung

/// Fahrzeugumbau

/// Sicherheitsausrüstung

/// Zertifizierung für Rennserien

/// Leistungssteigerung und Gewichtsreduktion

/// Fahrwerksoptimierung

/// Fahrwerkssetups abgestimmt auf den Fahrer

/// Transport Ihres Rennfahrzeuges

/// Vor- und Nachbereitung der Fahrzeuge

/// Storage – Einlagerung

/// Flug- und Hotelbuchung

/// Transport zur Rennstrecke

/// Catering während der Rennveranstaltung