Timi Lehtonen with P2 in Second Qualifier Ferrari E-Sports 2023

Timi Lehtonen: “Starting from P2, I went into this race a bit nervous as I hadn’t trained much and knew the opponents were tough. In the first half I lost a position to P3. I made some changes to the qualifying setup and used it, but I immediately realized it was a bad choice as the car was too unstable in the fast corners. After the pit stops I started to get used to the car and got back to second place and ended up in that position.

I think I was lucky to finish in the top three given my training and the condition of the car. But I’m definitely happy to be in the regional final.”

Ferrari E-Sports Series
Circuit of the americas (Cota)

Timi Lehtonen

Ferrari 488 GT3

Assetto Corsa Competizione


Qualy  // P2
Race  // P2