Ups and downs at the Nürburgring race

The Simzone round 3 Nurburgring report

Timi Lehtonen: “This race was definitely not what I expected, it seems like everyone else trained a lot more than me. the quali was not good, but I was on pace to take the car to third place. Racestart was quite good, got to P1 in a few laps.

In the last few laps I was P2 but something happened in the second to last corner and I went off the track losing a couple of places. P2 made a mistake going into the last corner and I tried my best to get inside but it was a risky move and we had an accident in the last corner. I ended up with P4.

I’m not happy with the result, but now I know to train more for the next round. I knew the risk I was taking and what could happen, but sometimes you have to push for a position and that’s what I did. Unfortunately, this time it ended in an accident.”

The Simzone – Moza Racing / Season 9 / GT3 /
Round 3 – Nürburgring

Timi Lehtonen
Ferrari 296 GT3
Assetto Corsa Competizione


Qualy  // P3
Race  // P4