EOS World GT Endurance Finals

Word from the team:
“Our race day started in a weird way since it was announced that the race would be 6H instead of 24H, due to lack of entries.
We qualified second and got up to P1 within the first stint of the race. On our second stint, we were met with a harsh penalty for speeding in the pitlane. This meant that we dropped to P9 and had to get up quickly, but due to the changed length of the race, we couldn’t get back to the top.
We finished the race P5 and ended up on P9 for the championship. This was a good experience for us to learn the car and how to work as a team. We can’t wait what next year will bring and then we will show what we are really capable of.”

EoS World Endurance GT Silverstone 24H

Timi Lehtonen, Robert Tänzer, Kevin Fehrenbach, Markus Janes

Ferrari 296 GT3


Assetto Corsa Competizione


Qualy  // P2
Race  // P5