BILSTEIN Racing Experience Victory – a big win  for Timi Lehtonen

Our MERTEL Motorsport E-Sport driver Timi Lehtonen was invited by Bilstein to race in the first ever Bilstein simracing cup race, against some of the best real/sim drivers ! And – spoiler – he won the race !

Short explanation: The real drivers drove the race on site with top of the line sim racing equipment and were handed some trophies as well. So the budget was high, Timi Lehtonen was racing from home in Finland, of course. The race took 3 hours and the people on site could do driver swaps. Winning this race was a huge thing for MERTEL Motorsport and Timi Lehtonen, being noticed by Bilstein and being able to beat the fastest people in the business. Another victorious result in this incredible year of MERTEL Motorsport.

Timi about the race:
„I can’t put into words how exciting it was to race against the best drivers in the real world as well as the big sim racing stars. This has to be one of the best sim racing experiences I’ve had so far. Quite nervous at first, I had to race in a different simulation software than usual, but I was able to adapt quickly and get used to the car and the track, I have a lot of experience on the Nordschleife so the track was not a problem.
Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and how the event went. I hope that more competitions like this will be held in the future. A big thank you to Bilstein and all the competitors for being there.“

We are proud and happy with you, Timi.

More to come …


Watch the race here – Live broadcasted at 22.11.2023

Bilstein Green Hell Experience – Bilstein Simracing cup „Green hell challenge“

Q: 14:00H – 15:30H R: 17:00H – 20:00H

Nürburgring Nordschleife 24 hour layout

Timi Lehtonen

List of opponents:
Maro Engel, Nico Bastian, Benny Leuchter, Alex Brundle, Jimmy Broadbent, Steve Alvarez Brown, Misha Charoudin + Bilstein employees + few other internet drivers

Mercedes AMG GT3


Assetto Corsa (the original)